The Training Academy

Gulf Shield have in conjunction with Horizon Security Solutions have established Iraq’s first fully acrediated Training Facility, delivering bespoke training packages for the Security and OIl and Gas Sectors.  All of our courses are backed by Horizon and acrediated back to the course awarding bodies in the UK.


Close Protection 

Using extensive experience working in the security field as well as coming from a military background Horizon are in the prime position to pass on their expertise.

Covering everything from threat and risk assessment to incident management this comprehensive course is an invaluable tool to take advantage of and it will build your skills so you can be at the top of your own capabilities.

On completion of the course you will be prepared to work as a competent close protection officer in the security industry and be capable of all close protection duties. We pride ourselves in training candidates to the highest standards to make sure that the client can go about their daily business in ease and with the peace of mind that they are protected.


FPOS Intermediate (FPOS I)

FPOS I course: We have utilised our vast military and security experience to provide the FPOS I (First Person on Scene) course. This course will develop your skills and teach you how to rapidly assess a situation as well as stabilise and transfer a victim of trauma in an emergency.

FPOS I Course: The FPOS training qualification is necessary for a range of professions from medical and emergency services to security. It will teach you how to remain calm and confident in your abilities, to deal with a situation in the crucial moments after a specific event and minimising the risk of further damage or infection.

FPOS I Course: The FPOS I training course is carried out near Basra. For FPOS training, being in Iraq is a great place to learn due to the ease in which different environments are available in such close proximity. Because of this we find that for completing your FPOS I course, Iraq is the ideal location


Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA)

MIRA course: For students with experience in Pre-Hospital Care, the Medicine in Remote Areas Course (MIRA) is an essential qualification that has been developed to add the skills and knowledge required for dealing with a casualty or casualties in remote environments. The course teaches the skills needed to stabilise the injured right through to the skills and knowledge needed for prolonged field care.


Close Protection
Oil Industry
Gas Industry
Expedition and Exploration
Medical Support for Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Organisations
Mountain Rescue
Search and Rescue

Weapons Competency Course 

During the weapons proficiency our experienced instructors will take you through:

NSP’S Load/Unload/Make-safe
Stoppage Drills
Stripping and Assembly
Rules of Engagement / Rules of Use of Force
Marksman Ship Principles

Live Firing on one of our ranges at site

On completion and passing of the course you will receive your Weapons Competency certificate deeming you proficient in the weapons and drills mentioned above.

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