Gulf Shield pathfinding services help companies to do business in challenging and emerging markets. Our knowledge and experience mean that we are well-placed to provide the support and advice necessary to reach informed business decisions and to provide risk mitigation strategies to support commercial success.

Gulf Shield can offer reporting and guidance on:

  • Political, operational, security and reputational considerations
  • Identification and provision of appropriate physical locations for office and residential premises
  • Identification of, and due diligence on, local professional service providers
  • Threat assessments and the design of an appropriate security strategy
  • Advice on the nature and extent of corruption and establishing mitigation strategies

We facilitate political, commercial, security and regulatory liaison, including introductions to officials and local businessmen.

Gulf Shield pathfinding services are tailored to individual client requirements and we maintain close relationships with our clients throughout the life of their projects to ensure that commercial success is achieved. For more information, please contact

For more information on any of these services, please contact using this link.

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